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YOU Create Your Own Happiness!


I am a military spouse, among many, that have grown so much as an individual. I have learned a great deal from others who are experiencing a very similar military lifestyle, no matter what branch or rank. The people I have been blessed to meet have all helped me on my journey as a military spouse.

We are military spouses who are stronger together!

Before I married my husband and the Army, I had a very independent life as a full-time educator with family and friends all around me. It took a lot of patience and effort to learn how to transition from what I knew, to a life I viewed as completely different from my previous one. What I have learned now with two wonderful children, an adorable dog, and my amazing husband-make a home wherever you are, no matter how long you are there!

I choose to make the best out of being a part of a military family and community. Not always easy, but that is what you got us for!

YOU create your own happiness, but we will hopefully make your journey an even happier one. Military spouses are stronger together!

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