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Where are you at in your Military Experience?

Are you new to military life?

Maybe you are a spouse who has experienced a few deployments, and the more recent struggles of living away from family and friends.

Or, are you a more seasoned spouse that has seen it all?

I want to know my audience, so I can hopefully make your military life experience an even better one.

Please answer the questions below, and share a little about yourself:

How many years have you served as a military spouse? In what branch, and where have you been stationed?

Tell me a little about your experience so far!

What kind of material would you like for me to write about that is relatable to you?

Looking forward to learning more about you!

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I am currently in South Korea and would love to share my experiences, but also learn from others, as well!


Jazmin Miguel
Jazmin Miguel
Sep 12, 2023

I would love to see how the military life has been for others. 😀

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