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Our vision is to connect and empower military families through stories that reflect their lives. We aim to build a community where military children and families find strength, understanding, and joy in shared experiences through literature.  We envision a world where every military child and family feels seen, heard, and supported through the power of literature and storytelling.


Our mission is to provide accessible, engaging, and diverse literary resources that enrich the lives of those in the military community. We strive to build a supportive network of authors, educators, and military community leaders dedicated to enriching the lives of military children and their families.  

Happy Kids with Books

The Military Family Book Directory

Your Comprehensive Resource Hub for Books

"The Military Family Book Directory," is dedicated to showcasing a wide array of books selected for military families, all in one accessible location. Our main objective is to simplify the process of finding literature that meets the distinct challenges faced by families in military life.

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Be part of the premier resource hub for military families by signing up as an author in 'The Military Family Book Directory,' where your literary contributions find a dedicated space to support and enrich the lives of our military community.

Strong At Home: Book Kits for Military Base Libraries

Our 'Strong at Home' initiative connects military families across the globe by providing book kits at no cost to base libraries, schools, and organizations. These kits, which contain a selection of three carefully chosen books, are designed to reflect and support the diverse needs and interests inherent to military family life.

Stack of Books

Recipient List

  • Hub Zemke Library at Beale AFB, CA

  • Tyndall Air Force Base Library, FL

  • Good Shepherd Lutheran Early Learning Center, Panama City, FL

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In the Spotlight:
Celebrating Authors and Books in the Military Community

With 'Literary Highlights,' we aim to spotlight authors and celebrate literary achievements from within the military community. Through periodic features on our social media channels, we draw attention to these authors and their works, which contribute richly to the narrative of military experiences.


We invite you to join us in celebrating these authors and their compelling narratives. Engage with our blog to stay connected and informed about the latest literary gems. Your visit not only supports these talented writers but also amplifies the voices that shape and enrich the military experience.


Don't miss out on the chance to be part of this literary journey. Visit our blog today and become a valued member of our community!






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