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From Helicopters to Storybooks: Sarah Doran's Quest to Celebrate Military Life through Children's Literature

New Book Release: Sleeping Giants

Sarah Doran is a former military child, U.S. Army veteran, veteran mil spouse and now author of military stories for children. She has a passion for writing and publishing high quality literature representing military children and families. When she isn’t homeschooling her two boys, Sarah is often found sipping coffee, reading historical fiction or working on her latest book projects. She lives in Central Texas with her husband, boys and mischievous cats. Sarah’s stories are inspired by her own military family and her time serving as a Blackhawk helicopter mechanic and crew chief. Writing stories quickly turned into author publishing when she recognized the significant under-representation of authentic military voices in literacy. Educating, empowering and encouraging her readers with stories that honor military family heritage is Sarah’s mission as an author.

The Peppered Sky:

The Peppered Sky, written by Sarah Doran and illustrated by Beth Snider, celebrates military family life with Haleigh and Mason as they adventure into a world of airborne drop zones, military aircraft and U.S. paratroopers! Doran’s books can be found on Amazon, Etsy, Spouse-ly and her website

Sleeping Giants:

Experience the wonder of Army aviation with Finn and his helicopter mechanic mom! As they venture to the hangar to experience an enchanting and memorable moment, Finn finds himself soaring through missions as his imagination takes him to new heights!  Adventure awaits readers on each page of this military children's picture book. Written by U.S. Army veteran Sarah Doran, Sleeping Giants will awaken a love of aviation in readers young and old. Coming 2024!


Kickstarter is a funding platform that financially enables authors and creatives to begin or expand their small businesses. I am dedicated to publishing high quality literature and committed to printing within the United States, but doing so comes at a cost. The Sleeping Giants Kickstarter, running April 1-30, will fund the bulk U.S. printing of 1000 hardcover books. If funding exceeds the initial goal, resources will allow for additional printing, expanded distribution and the first steps toward publishing book #3. Supporting the Kickstarter is as easy as 1, 2, 3. First, go to and create a free account. Next, click on the Sleeping Giants Kickstarter Campaign page ( between April 1-30.

Finally, select a reward tier or giving amount and back the project! Please don’t forget to share the campaign with your friends and family so they have the opportunity to support military families in literature too!

Q&A with Author Sarah Doran

How does it feel to publish 2nd book? When I began writing children’s stories, I never dreamed that I’d be starting my own, small business or publishing my own books, but life has a funny way of taking you down roads you never thought you’d travel. I’m immensely humbled by the support I’ve been shown by so many after publishing The Peppered Sky, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to serve military families again with my newest military children’s story Sleeping Giants.

Has it been a similar process or easier? The Peppered Sky- and everything it took to create the book- was such a positive experience in every way. While it’s publication wasn’t perfect, I was able to take what I learned from that process and apply it to publishing Sleeping Giants. The processes are similar in that I’ve had an excellent team of creative professionals behind me every step of the way and incredible love and support from my readers.

Did you pick April for Kickstarter because it’s Month of the Military Child? Month of the Military Child is a time to honor the unique challenges and incredible resiliency that children of Armed Forces service members display every day. As a former military child myself, I’m so excited to share more of this military children’s story with others during this special month of remembrance. My hope is that military children will feel seen and heard through my stories, not only during Month of the Military Child, but every day.

Contact Sarah Doran:

Instagram: @author_sarah_doran

Facebook: @author.sarah.doran

Kickstarter: LIVE April 1-30

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