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The ABCs of PCS

Turning Military Moves into Family Adventures

While stationed together in Japan, Christina Boensel, Shannon Felgar, and Kristen Benslay teamed up to create a tool that would benefit all three of their families. The ABCs of PCS is a children’s board book aimed at being a resource for young military children facing a PCS (military move) with their families.

Christina and Shannon wanted to produce a book to help explain the process of a PCS and encourage families to see a move as an adventure with their families. Through the familiarity of the ABCs, and with the help of Kristen’s watercolor illustrations, children can watch a family’s process of packing up and moving to their next duty station.

“Living as a military family is a never-ending adventure and so we want to introduce the PCS component of our life to our children as something that can be equally adventurous and not something to fear or be confused about.”

- Shannon Felgar, co-author.

Consider grabbing The ABCs of PCS for your family’s upcoming PCS season or consider gifting it to young families departing your command/unit/squadron/organization.

Inside the Book

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So adorable and creative!

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