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My Motto Mommy: PTSD and Healing

A Beacon of Hope for Military Families

In 2003, I embarked on a journey of service to my country, fueled by love and patriotism. Little did I know that this path would be marked by profound challenges, both physical and emotional. This is the story of a soldier who faced the darkness of trauma, found the strength to leave an abusive marriage, and emerged with a mission to bring healing and hope to military families.

The Battlefield Within:

During a training exercise, my commitment to service led to an injury that altered the course of my military career. Amid the recovery, I became a survivor of sexual assault, adding an emotional burden to the physical challenges I was already navigating. The struggle with PTSD became a universal truth, transcending the specifics of our individual traumas, and reminding us that we all have a voice and a need for understanding.

Trapped in Silence:

After discharge, I found myself in a military marriage, hoping to rebuild both my physical health and my sense of purpose. However, the shadows of an abusive relationship prevented me from re-enlisting. The birth of my daughter became a turning point, empowering me to leave a toxic environment, even though it left my mental and emotional state in shambles.

The Healing Power of Vulnerability:

Receiving VA benefits was a lengthy process, but it opened the door to the mental health care I desperately needed. As I started my journey of healing, I witnessed the collateral damage my struggles had inflicted on my family. Their newfound safety to open up about their feelings inspired me to bridge the gap of communication through the creation of mental and emotional support books for children.

A Beacon of Light:

The central message of these books is a beacon of hope for military and veteran moms grappling with their mental health. It is a reminder that even in our loneliest and most hopeless moments, we are not alone. PTSD affects us all, and it is okay to ask for help, even when shame tries to silence us. The books strive to dispel the notion that momentary struggles make one a bad parent, giving voice and validation to both children and parents.

Writing Through Darkness:

The journey to create 'My Motto Mommy: PTSD and Healing' was not without its challenges. Confronting the stigma surrounding mental health meant navigating the darkness with honesty and vulnerability. Keeping the narrative innocent while discussing real events was crucial. Every example in the book stems from the experiences, feelings, and thoughts my children shared with me. Honesty was the key to unlocking the potential for honest and open conversations within healing families.

This is a story of transformation, from the depths of trauma to the heights of hope. It is a testament to the resilience of military families and the power of honest conversation in the healing process. 'My Motto Mommy: PTSD and Healing' stands as a resource, offering comfort, understanding, and the reassurance that, after the storm, there is happiness and peace to be found. I embark on a mission to extend the healing touch of words to military and veteran families. Through mental health books, my aim is to create a space for dialogue, understanding, and support.

As I continue my literary endeavors, the next projects involve expanding the scope of my mental health books. While my initial focus has been on military and veteran families, I recognize the universal nature of mental health struggles. I am working on books tailored for the general public, extending the reach of understanding and support to a broader audience.

In the spirit of embracing the power of our voices, I am delving into the creation of a memoir. Through the pages of this personal narrative, I aim to illuminate the journey from darkness to light, offering insights into the challenges faced and the resilience that emerged. The memoir will not only be a testament to personal growth but also a source of inspiration for others on similar paths.

I firmly believe that our voices are powerful tools for breaking the silence surrounding difficult topics, particularly abuse and assault. Through open dialogue, we can extend a lifeline to fellow survivors, creating a supportive community. The more we talk about these issues, the more we can help each other heal and grow. I hope that through my words and experiences, I can become an advocate and a source of support in ways I wish I had.


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