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KoFe Confessions

Military Spouses & Podcast Co-hosts write a book for military children.

KoFe Confessions podcast

We are first & foremost mothers to a combined 8 beautiful children. We actually met & formed a bond through our oldest daughter's pre-k friendship about 4 years ago. We have a mix of rambunctious, Dino-loving sons & sass-filled daughters who keep us on our toes when we are not working on content. 

Our husbands have served in the US Army for roughly 10+ years. We have moved to many places around the states & are hopeful to explore a few OCONUS duty stations as well. For now, our next military adventure will take our families to TRADOC posting for our husbands' Drill Sgt assignments. 

We started KoFe Confessions in January 2020 as just a fun hobby. A few months later the pandemic started & it became a great outlet to reach others as we all stayed home. As KoFe has grown over the years we shifted into more than just a podcast, we now enjoy blogging about our experiences and connecting with other spouses via social media, making silly satirical Tik Toks & writing children's books. 

Speaking of books, we would LOVE to tell you about our new children's book, Kylie and the Deployment Wall. We created Kylie as an inspiration for other military children. As moms, kids (especially in our military community) hold a very special place in our hearts. We know how hard separation can be and wanted to share a tool our children love using when their fathers are away. The deployment wall is an easy visual representation that anyone can do.

Our book walks the child through how to create their own with an easy-to-follow storyline & bright colorful illustrations. Currently, Kylie and the Deployment Wall can be found on Amazon but we are very hopeful it will be hitting a few chain book stores soon, so keep an eye out!

All of our inspirations come from our families. We know the likelihood of our own children becoming military families whether through service or marriage is probable, we want to make sure we are laying the foundation for them through positive memories of growing up in a loving, healthy military community. 

If we could tell the military spouse community one thing it would be: you are stronger than you know & you can do this. KoFe is all about positivity. If you hang out with us long enough we will convince you to believe in yourself. Military life has its frustrating moments, heart-aching moments, and every emotion in between. We want all military spouses who follow us to know- we get it. It is tough, but YOU are tougher. We hope to bring smiles on the hard days & constant reminders you are never alone in this. KoFe is with you! 

Kodie Simon & Felisha Butler


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