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Grace of a Military Child Podcast

Grace of a military child podcast

Grace of a Military Child Podcast was created by Gracie Burgess. Gracie was an army brat since the day she was born. Her dad joined the military right out of high school. During his service, he was wounded in Afghanistan by an IED in November of 2011. That incident changed the path of Gracie and her family forever. Through that experience, Gracie got the opportunity to connect with other military children and learn exactly how resilient military children truly are. 

April 1, 2021 Gracie launched her podcast, Grace of a Military Child. The mission of the podcast is to show military children their struggles are not unseen, and they are not facing them alone. It can be hard when a parent deploys, is injured, moving, changing schools, making friends, etc. The resiliency of military children is special. Military Children are working through the thick and thin to help their families.

Find Grace of a Military Child Podcast on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or send Gracie a message and she would be happy to connect with you!

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