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Be the Lead in Your Own Story, Origin of IML

Family Portrait
Our Family Portrait by: @amandacreatesart

Our Family Portrait @amandacreatesart

Written By: Christina Etchberger, Lifestyle Blogger and Founder of It's a Military Life

Be the lead in your own story, while guiding others to also find themselves.

Christina Etchberger, Founder of It's a Military Life

My name is Christina - Army wife, boy mom x 2, former full-time educator turned homeschooling teacher, and military spouse entrepreneur.

I created It's a Military Life because I am a part of a generation of military spouses, or significant others, that didn't start our military life journey with the military community being so active on social media.

Even now, social media is there, and the military spouse and overall community is thriving, but many newbies to this lifestyle are still unaware about all these amazing resources that exist.

It's a Military Life's mission is to be the guide to show people they are not alone, and that there is a great network and tribe already online right there for them. Whether you are new to the military lifestyle or consider yourself a seasoned spouse, we are here for you during the highs and even the lowest of lows while you navigate military life.

How did this lifestyle blog and networking community begin? It started even before I decided to begin. I started living the military life before marrying my husband.

My experiences as a girlfriend and wife, and now mother, helped grow this idea, because I too needed a tribe of people going through similar situations. This military life is a journey, and a much easier one together!

After I learned how to get more involved on post, and connected with more spouses, it was my turn to be the helper. Attending the USO workshop - Discovering Your Spark - by AFI's 2017 Military Spouse of the Year Brittany Boccher, really set everything in motion.

I discovered my spark, and my why.

I wanted to be a helper for the military community, by being that guide that I needed back when I started my own military life journey years ago.

Who has inspired you to be more than a military spouse, significant other, or family member waiting for their loved one to return?

What helped you truly live your best life, even when the military life brought on challenges for you and your family?


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Jazmin Miguel
Jazmin Miguel
Sep 21, 2023



It’s definitely been an experience! We now do homeschool supplementary lessons but both my boys have spent time at the local Korean preschool. We couldn’t pass up the cultural opportunity! Best decision for us 💗

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