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Marine Morgan

Empowering young girls to pursue ambitious careers

I live in North Carolina with my husband Nolan and two children, Morgan (almost 3) and baby Westley. My husband is a Marine Captain stationed at Camp Lejeune. He and I met in law school, in California, when an Officer Selection Officer showed up on campus to recruit lawyers. He signed up as a Judge Advocate and here we are. I quickly noticed how few female Marines there are and then learned the statistics (around 9% of the Marine Corps is female). As we made friends with some female Marines during his training at The Basic School in Quantico, VA, I learned about the strength and determination it takes to be a female marine.


Once we got stationed in North Carolina I thought more and more about this series I had in mind for a long time. I wanted to show my daughter that girls can do anything. Girls can be strong, tough and have the choice to take on a rigorous career if they want to. As I made the decision to write this book about female strength and power in their dreams, I also decided to go further and create an entire series about other characters as well. The series overall is about different characters dreaming of major careers or goals, no matter their gender, race, disability or family background. Before law school, I got my bachelor’s Degree in Child Development. I concentrated on developmental trajectories of children through research on diverse community settings, and impacts of experiences on social and emotional development. This education is likely what sparked the series idea.

My website describes the overall series in more detail and shows the upcoming books too. The website also has more about my background.

MESSAGE IN GENERAL FOR THIS BOOK A good female Marine friend of ours had a tough time at The Basic School. She got through all the tests and physical requirements great, but it wasn’t without peers teasing her about her size. Her pack was likely heavier than she was. But she did it. Well, last year in July and August, I watched the news anxiously as she was sent to assist with the efforts at the Kabul Airport. Her role as a female search team member was incredibly important and her experience, impactful. One of the scenes from Marine Morgan is about this. Morgan is pictured leading a group of Marines on a MEU out at sea.

"Don’t underestimate our females in uniform. Girls should feel their strength and power within them to achieve any goal, even in a male dominated profession. In any profession, not just the military, girls should know they have the option."


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