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Heroes Among Us: Unveiling Superpowers in 'I Might Know a Superhero!

Ashley Flowers' Heartfelt Journey Celebrating Real-Life Heroes and Empowering the Hero in Every Child

My name is Ashley Flowers and I am the author and creator of the children’s book series, “I Might Know a Superhero!” The idea behind this series has been to create books that would inspire kids everywhere to go out and be part of the good in the world. Children love superheroes, so I thought it would be a wonderful way to incorporate this idea into books about our real-life superheroes, the helpers of our world. You see, superpowers do exist. They just don’t exist in lightning speed or endless amounts of strength, they exist in the people who help others.

I grew up with a firefighter dad, and I am currently married to a firefighter. Before my husband was a firefighter he served in the U.S. Navy. I have cousins and a grandpa who have also served. I always say that growing up around heroes with hearts to help, often times it turns into little ones with the same heart to want to help as well. If you spend enough time with a hero, sometimes, you even start to become a hero yourself. I see this a lot in military families and first responder families. These books are for them. They are meant to honor the entire hero family. It can be difficult to share a parent with a world that needs their special hero courage, and these kids do it. They are brave, they are strong, they are patient, and they are resilient.

This series was created to show appreciation for all of the real life superheroes of our world, and to instill in children at a young age the idea that they can become anything they set their minds to. The second book in the series is all about our brave military men and women. This series was designed with the whole family in mind.

The book takes a deeper look into the different branches of our military, sends a positive message to the children of our military about how they help their hero contribute to our world, and showcases the courageous acts of these heroes. You will learn, you will laugh, and you will discover the superhero that lies within you.

Once you have completed the book and found your own superpowers, you get to sign your name on your very own superhero certificate. Then it is time to wrap your cape around you and set off into the world as an official superhero! I created the military capes to match the different branches of the military and the kids can personalize their own names on them to match their hero.

I wanted to make a series that would honor the heroes of our world and their brave families. I hope that when you turn the pages of any of my books, you feel deep down in your heart that I did just that. Thank you to all of you.  -Ashley Flowers



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Jazmin Miguel
Jazmin Miguel
07 nov 2023

"The idea behind this series has been to create books that would inspire kids everywhere to go out and be part of the good in the world."


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