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Generations United

Empowering Young Minds to Honor Veterans through the Veteran Pen Pal Project

In a collaborative effort, It's a Military Child Life has partnered with the Veteran Pen Pal Project to elevate awareness of its mission. The primary objective is to actively engage children and teenagers in the meaningful act of writing letters to veterans and service members, fostering a spirit of community, gratitude, and compassion.


Our Impact

Reunion Elementary

Commerce City, CO
124 letters

Buffalo Point Elementary

Syracuse, UT
120 letters

The Colorado Springs School

Colorado Springs, CO
102 letters

Southlawn Elementary

Commerce City, CO
115 letters

Ready to make an impact?
Join our community by signing up for Generations United

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

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Download Your Free Letter Writing Template

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Spreading kindness one letter at a time

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