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We're bringing back snail mail in an effort to advocate for mental health within the military community. What started as a mission to bring relationships to veterans in care facilities has grown to include military spouses and active duty service members! Are you ready to mail a letter to our military community?

"You have defended freedom and peace with courage and honor. This nation honors you with gratitude."

Camille Deal

Shop and Support

Gear for military supporters of all kinds! There are trendy tees, stickers, cups, and more. A portion of every purchase is donated to VPPP. Purchases are not tax deductible.

Become an Ambassador

Boots on the ground in every state by the end of 2024! Can you volunteer a few hours a month and help us spread the word about Veteran Pen Pal Project around your community?

Write a Civilian Pen Pal

Calling all military spouses, veterans, and active duty service members: share your story with the world and build long-lasting relationships

Write a Military Family

We are looking for more civilians to sign up as pen pals for our very deserving military spouses, veterans, and active duty service members.


I cannot say enough good things about It's a Military Life! Being a military spouse can be very challenging at time and It's a Military Life is such an amazing resource! I am honored to be part of their Veteran Pen Pal Program! They are doing such great work, hitting those small details that may seem insignificant to those outside of military life, but are actually incredibly meaningful!!!!!

Military Spouse Ashley Courts 

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